Single and two stage dry vacuum pump

We have single and two Stage type dry vacuum pumps widely useful in various industries like Paper handling plants, liquid transfer plants, food processing plants, vacuum forming, sugar, jigger, sugar cube manufacturing plants, chemicals plants, dyes and intermediates plants, dental hospitals, laboratories, milk dairies pharmaceuticals and many more other applications. This piston type vacuum pump achieve vacuum Up To 29.0″ hg for single stage and up to 29.6″ hg for two stage construction, at sea level.

Affordable Costs : We are consideration should not only be given to the initial purchase price of the vacuum pump but also the operating costs, maintenance cycles and cost.

Single and two stage vacuum Pump Installation : It is very easy installation. With including port connections and requirement for providing support equipment such as a roughing vacuum pump etc.

Vacuum Pump Maintenance : It is very low vacuum pump maintenance with including frequency of maintenance cycles and needs to  level of expertise to carry out the service. With technical expertise from a hard-working, dedicated support staff providing quality pumps.

Vacuum Degasser is also called mud or Gas separator. Mud or gas separators degasser is the first units of solids control equipment arranged to treat drilling mud. As such, they process all of the drilling mud from the flow line before the mud reaches the primary shale shakers. The units have no moving parts and rely on the density difference between the gas and the mud for removal. The process is simple, yet very effective for well drilling fluids processing system.  Gajjar’s Vacuum Degasser is an open bottom column designed to be installed in a header tank containing water to a required depth. Water enters the vessel through a sealed top, cascading down inside the vessel. The vacuum pump or blower creates a lower pressure within the vessel thereby releasing gases from the water and releasing them to atmosphere. The vacuum degasser design of the structure is scientific and rational.


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