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Screw compressor manufacturer




Screw compressors is one of the most widely used types of air compressors industries. Screw compressor are types of gas compressors which is use rotary type displacement techniques. Screw compressor or Rotary compressors are positive displacement compressors. There are wide range of capacity control, high performance, afforadable prices ,high reliability and use of many numbers of applications are all its robust features that add advantages to the air compressors. Screw Compressors are available as oilfree machines in various sizes, single- and multi-stage for the most different cases of application.

Rotary Screw Compressors work on the principle of air filling the void between two helical mated screws and their housing. As the two helical screws are turned, the volume is reduced resulting in an increase of air pressure. Most rotary screw compressors. One of the most an important features of these screw air compressors is that there is no valve in this kind of air compressorsImage. Screw compressor are positive displacement compressors. That is biggest advantages of this screw compressor is that it is very easy and affordable prices when it comes to lowest maintenance. So now a days more demand of that types of screw air compressor manufacturer and supplier in India. 

Benefits of screw compressor

  • It is very easy installation
  • Simple and sober design
  • Affordable prices
  • High efficiency work
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduce labor efforts
  • Increase to productivity

Earlier screw compressors weighted very much. The oil acts as a coolant and a sealant, preventing air from escaping as the screws turn. Both gas and oil are pulled into a separation chamber, where the gas rises to the top and the oil drains to the bottom. Our air is cost reduction with quality an improvement.

Now a days screw compressors have made life so simplified and easy for human being that we can’t think of it. Earlier technology was not able to produce attractive and economic range of screw compressor. We are better understand of the compression process, the follow the compare of gas in a single stagereciprocating screw compressor supplier in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India. We have huge network to screw compressor manufacturer.

Brand name of our products it is good for everyone. We are good reputation of our domestic and international market to our products. So it is easy to an available of our products.  that are used to describe these awesome industrial equipments? If no, here is your answer to some of the most basic terminologies widely used in  screw air compressors and all types of compressor  by air compressors mfg. in India.

Quality of Screw compressor

Screw compressor is the quality base manufacturing compressor. That is part of Industrial benchmark with best level for mostly time. We are standrazation of domestic and international market demand. We are under sting  of an international clients.




Air compressors Manufacturers

We are introduce of our An ISO  9001-2008 certified company of air compressors manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. With including screw compressor mfg, Reciprocating piston air compressor, Lubricated and non lubricated water cooled air compressor mfg, oil free dental compressor, reciprocating dry vacuum pumps, air dry mfg, air receivers, spare parts, air receiver tanks, air compressor accessories, single stage low pressure compressor, two stage medium pressure compressor, multi stage high pressure compressor, auto drain valves mfg, heat less air dryer, refrigerated air dryer, industrial air compressor accessories, compressor air pumps, compressor accessories spare parts.

One of the most leading, popular and trusted  company. There are many different Air Compressor Suppliers out there, all offering a different range and different manufacturers, some specialize specifically in a certain make whilst others will stock all. We are continue update of our product in market demand. piston technology and try to produce some of the lowest noise compressors.Our company prides on creating some of the popular advanced technology ride oil free compressor,screw compressor,piston air compressor on the international market with in the terms of quality.

Our domestic market

We are huge network in domestic market like bundi,Chandigarh,mount abu,Chennai,Mumbai,mysore,delhi,dholpur,Nagpur,surat,Udaipur,simla,Kanpur,kota,coimbator,hyderabad,patna,Rajkot,ahmedabad,baroda,julundhar,Mehsana,Manipal as major city in India.

Our Global network

Our Global network are exporting to  Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, Australia, Indonesia, Oman  and other countries.

Brand Name of our product

Our product brand name is AIR MARSHAL. It is more famous of air compressor industries. With affordable prices,safe,long lasting,energy efficient with electric power saver.There are many models of our products. With customization of our product.

Technical sound  knowledge

We are good technical knowledge about various air compressors like piston air compressor,oil free dental compressor,air dryer,heat less compressor,with air compressor spare parts seems some what a tough task at beginning but once you have developed basic knowledge on how to air compressor work  and what are their functioning rules.

Usages of Applications

There are many an application use in air compressors like cement industries, steel, pharmaceuticals, food, medical,stone,automobiles,plastic, agro,stone,transportation,gas plant,printing,oil industries,salt,spice plant,textiles mills ,plaster of paris,hydraulic plant and many more …..

Brand name of Air compressor Industries

One of the leading ,trusted and quality assurance providing company as Gajjar compressors. Most popular brand name is AIR MARSHAL located in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India. There are many types of products mfg,supplier and exporters in India. Like air compressor pump,piston compressor,air dryers,air receivers,oil free dental compressors,lubricated and non lubricated water cooled air compressor,air compressor accessories. There are many types of use in our brand like to cement industries,pharma,refrigerated,steel industries,food,dye stauff,air cooled,ceramic tiles,salt,textiles etc…

Gajjar compressor is committed to achieve the highest standards in engineering excellence by introducing and marketing superior quality products with international manufacturing standards. With air compressor brand name is AIR MARSHAL  We are huge network of domestic and International market. We are totally dedicated work of our products and services.  Our Quality Control Department has experience in design, development and testing of products and are on hand to assist customers with their product development program during testing. There are some of the most successful air compressor manufacturers in Ahmadabad who have traveled through local to global stage of business world, just with the help of constant development in the new innovative technologies for air compressor.

We are most popular Air Compressor Exportershave been thoroughly working on towards making both industrial and non industrial air compressors system as much advanced as possible and as a result, many air compressors mfg,supplier and  exportersare now able to develop, design, deliver and export international quality air compressors of many types like single phase air compressors. We are constantly update our all products. 

Now a days brand name is most an important products in domestic and international market. We achieve quality assurance certified  of our products.Air Marshal is very popular brand of our company products. It is also good for that. Oil free dental compressor is new product. It is use in medical and space science industry.Air dryer is also good product to our brand name for our company. There are also good thing our company.

We have depth knowledge of our product so we can improve the market demand and customize modification of our products like air compressor, screw compressor, oil less compressor,piston air compressor,air receiver auto drain valve,single stage low pressure air compressors.two stage medium pressure air compressor,multi stage high stage compressors with all types of air compressor accessories and compressors spare parts.

The Brand Name is also Matters!

Yes, that’s true, but not always! If you have gone through all above steps and yet not able to finalize the air compressor for your requirements, go with the best brand name of air compressors manufacturers in India like Gajjar Compressors.

Our most famous product Brand name is AIR MARSHAL. 

Affordable Prices of an Air compressor

We are consider to quality with air compressor prices. It is a main factor of market trend. As per the requirement there are various air compressors available to meet our needs. If its a household work, the power and force is different from that used in industrial ,healthcare and many engineering applications. Right from filling that baseball to toys a small air compressor can get your work done. The user must be very careful and read the instructions thoroughly before using all types of air compressor.

Consider to Quality with prices

Company history :  Check the company history  with sound like a tough task, but in the now a days Internet information era. When you are selecting any company to purchase any types of air compressor like Piston air compressor, screw  compressor, Oil free dental air compressor, air dryer, air receiver ,air compressor spare parts. Check out its website and try to figure out its history with its track record. It is important part.

Quality certifications : There are many air compressor manufacturer in India. But product quality consideration. It is requires some kinds of quality certificates. So always check and make sure that company has good reputable and genuine quality certification and is eligible and able to manufacture quality products. People are demanded to quality with affordable prices of air compressor.

Company clientele domestic and overseas : Any types of company its huge client list so it is consider quality with prices as market  trend. Looking at the prospective company’s clientele can give you some insight on the reputation of the company and the quality of air compressor manufacturer and exporters in India.

Reasonable Prices compare with market prices :  Competitive prices in market trend. Always compare quotations and prices give by one company with given by other companies. This way to can judge the fair price of the all types of air compressor. According to market demand ,trend and you can make sure that you are paying more than fair value. Air compressor prices is good factor in now a days.

Apart from the research and advanced development in types and capacities of many all types of air compressor products. Oil free dental air compressor supplier to all over the world. Now becoming very famous and most popular turning to be must for many applications across various of industries and commercial business sectors. Which are widely used in home and commercial, Industrial sectors. They developed or adopted the newer technologies or conducted through research on evolving newer technologies for all types of air compressorImage design, their life changed. Commercial air compressor it is mostly use of many industries. It benefited the end user.

Above points are very useful for air compressor purchase. It is very cheaper with good quality, new design ,demanded to market with affordable prices of all type so air compressor manufacturer, supplier and exporters in India. Air compressors are being exported to the international market by Gajjar compressor. More information visit us our website. 

Oil free dental air compressor supplier and exporter’s view

As the name suggests, oil free dental air compressors are air compressors types where no oil is needed in making them work. Another distinct feature of this types of air compressors is that this types of air compressor works for long time. But due care is must for letting them work continuously. Especially when you are selecting dental air compressor or its air compressor accessories it is more an important and vital you buy industries standard and quality of air compressor accessories because oil free dental air compressor is very important, critical and one of the most vital equipment which deals directly with the health of patient.

Important time and efforts

You can buying oil free dental air compressors needs to be spent thorough time and efforts. Most time and time and effort you would need to spend is on making research ,development and finding different types of air compressor manufacturer, supplier and exporters in India. If you are not going to spend time and efforts on finding various air compressors manufacturer, you are probably not going to select quality of oil free air compressor.

Different design

There are very different design and look of oil free dental air compressor. The research and development has given them widen scope, border market and richer customer base than they did have earlier. Many oil free dental air compressor exporter in Gujarat had fewer business scopes and were limited to industrial clients because they did not have technologies to develop the oil free dental compressor that can be used in medical industries and space science. Nut as soon as they developed or adopted the newer technologies or conducted through research on evolving newer technologies for all air compressor designs.


The main thing in the functioning of the dental air compressor is the quality of the air compressor. The oil free dental air compressor works at its best level for the most of the time. As the dental air compressors are used for such a delicate dental surgery, the dental air compressor supplier and exporters are take care of quality, design and international level exporting. While dental air compressor manufacturers thoroughly analyze the technical design before developing any air compressors it helps them in manufacturing a high quality dental air compressorImage.

Expatriation of International Market

There are many types of dental air compressor manufacture ,supplier and exporters are offer that of high quality and are available at affordable prices it most thing about world wide market. Best thing about that thoroughly examine and understand the requirements of International clients and also provide them with customized solutions apart from the standardized range.

All about that oil free air compressor exporters have been thoroughly working on towards making both industrial and non industrial air compressors system as much advanced as possible and as result, many oil free dental air compressor supplier and exporter in India are now able to develop , design, deliver and export international quality dental compressors.

Different concept of Air dryer

What is Air dryer

That is an important part of air compressor. It is compressed air system has application in virtually all industries. But they are widely used in both industrial or commercial application are home base applications. That is used of technically called to air dryer is equipment device which is used to many air tools or air operated machinery. I t is basic concept.

Functionality :

There are many functionality of the air dryer but mostly is to remove moisture from the air cooling it with refrigerant with including water vapor is condensed and the air compressed. This is valuable tools and machinery are protected  from water and rust. That type of functions is done by cold generated drying in which the compressed air of the air compressor. It is the same time. Good functionality an air dryer.

Compare to air compressor

It is most an important part of air compressor. Air dryer is used to remove the vapor air from the compressed air system. Now a days refrigerated air dryer can help you solve the problem of harmful moisture in you compressed air dryer. Air compressor are widely becoming more popular and useful many industries but air dryer mostly use of refrigerated industries.

Types of Air Dryers are as below :

  • Refrigeration Dryer
  • Deliquescent Dryer
  • Desiccant Dryer
  • Membrane Dryer

Above types of Air dryer as Each of these air dryers has their own characteristics, uses and applications. Although these varied types of air dryers have different style, shape and applications but basically their basic functionality and usage stay same. Air Dryers are most commonly used for:

  • Drying air for commercial or industrial processes which needs air dryer
  • Pressurizing underground cables to repel moisture and avoid shorts
  • Industrial Painting
  • Industrial Pneumatic tools
  • Air brake systems
  • And many more…


Air dryer maintenance and installation

It is very easy. That is a make a regular Maintance plan. It is regularly maintain air dryer test plan with regular time interval. It found out of use or out of dated so regular maintenance. It is good practice. make sure you check each and every important spare part. Be it Valve or piston ring or be it oil seal or oil filter or any other part, every spare part needed to check and test for well-functioning separately.  Some times , Another problem is that we have seen sometimes is that the dryer actually gets too cold! If for some reasons are that the dryer dries the air to below 0 degrees Celsius, the water will freeze and the ice will block the pipes. In the end, air dryer will be completely blocked. So be careful of air dryer.Air dryer installation is very easy going. Some technically knowledge person install that.

Brand Name also Good Matters!


Yes, that’s true, but not always! If you have gone through all above steps and yet not able to finalize the air compressor for your requirements, go with the best brand name of air compressors manufacturers in India like Gajjar Compressors Pvt ltd.