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An International Quality with Affordable Price

Air compressors are the most common among industrial compressors and find extensive use in various types of industries. Some of the important factors you need to take into account while buying an air compressor are the size and type of compressor, and whether you require oil-free or oil-lubricated varieties.

Our piston air compressors come in three types: Single Stage Low Pressure Compressor, Two Stage Medium Pressure Compressor and Multi Stage High Pressure Compressor.

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Industrial Vacuum Pumps Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Reciprocating vacuum pump is used to discharge a low volume of liquid at high pressure. The liquid is collected in an enclosure/cavity and a plunger or piston creates a positive displacement in the cavity to discharge the liquid at a high pressure.

Vacuum Pumps are useful in paper handling, Liquid transfer, vacuum foarming, food processing, sugar factory, food impregnation, hospitals & dental clinics, laboratories, dairies, chemical industry, etc.

Model No. Motor (HP) No. of PISTON Piston Displacement (CFM) Vacuum (Hg) (INCH)
GC-285V/VT 2.0 2 17.4 / 8.7 29.0 / 29.6
GC-294V/T 3.0 2 31.0 / 15.5 29.0 / 29.6
GC-305V/VT 5.0 2 52.0 / 26.0 29.0 / 29.6
GC-57V/VT 7.5 2 88.0 / 44.0 29.0 / 29.6
GC-65V/VT 10.0 3 132.0 / 88.0 29.0 / 29.6

Key Benefits

  • Long Life
  • Efficient cooling of pumps leading to superior performance and energy efficiency
  • Simple and easily available components, hence low maintenance costs in the long run
  • Excellent safety features
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